We believe technology can be kind to ourselves and the planet.

Our mission is to inspire & combine bright ideas that benefit the world.

KET Content

80% food-tech: cultured meat, cheese-less cheese + bio-engineering.

20% special features: vertical farming, plastic made from beer waste + circular economy.

SXSW format. Designed to create the future.

KET events are designed to mimic the way our brains come up with innovative ideas. In the same way our brains need to both focus and wander openly to be innovative, the conference offers focused content and open space for serendipity. There are talks offered in subjects at the heart of alt-protein and subjects on random things, because this is how our brains innovate, by making connections between seemingly unconnected things. You all offer up and choose the content because our brains are drawn in certain directions all on their own. If you’re not enjoying a session you encouraged to leave and find what does draw you because we want you to discover whatever it is you need to know.

 Why KET

We had our first event in San Fransisco - the Alternative Protein Show (APS) in January, and it was a big hit. Everyone is still talking about it, and it’s July. This is no coincidence. Our events are different, and they’re designed to:

  1. Mimic how the brain comes up with creative ideas

  2. Inspire others to actually take action (not just talk about taking action)

  3. Bring together international players working towards a sustainable vision.

We call our events organized chaos. This is how we provoke such exciting and interesting ideas. One of KET’s co-founders, Olivia Fox Cabane, has studied the brain and how we can make it more creative, then she put it all into an event.

Chaos is important for wandering, and exploring new innovations. Organization keeps the information relevant, and allows participants to make sense of the content. At KET events, we follow the 80/20 rule to allow for this to happen.

80% food-based content. We want to expose participants, and take them on a food-journey to the future. We highlight leading startups, and inventors, to display their work. Another special part of KET is you cannot pay to play. Our events are based on a meritocracy, and our speakers/content providers are selected because of their stories and work - not money.

20% special content. This is the wandering part - where we showcase other new innovations. For example, at our upcoming Singapore event, we’re highlighting innovations in sustainable fashion. Sustainability extends WAY further than just foodtech, we give KET attendees a taste of the whole spectrum.

We don’t do panels. What, why?? We do roundtables instead. Panels can tend to be a way for companies to advertise themselves, and not much action actually comes out of them. How many startups or incubators were started via a panel?

Our goal is to develop relationships with people leading in sustainability. We do roundtables because they get to solutions/action quickly. From the SF roundtables, people from all over the protein landscape were able to: create the first single cell protein incubator (because before there was exactly ZERO incubators… nuts), make new certifications (360 sustainability certification and True Transparency Certification), the Singapore & Paris Alternative Protein Show and a few focus initiatives to get food representation on Dubai’s world expo “sustainability district”. This was just from a few hours of roundtables. In our upcoming Amsterdam event, we plan to have a whole day dedicated to ideating.

We’re also going to scale more roundtable sessions worldwide, to bring together people wanting to make a change, and have them actually do it.

We design our conferences “supporting our genius engine”. We try to keep prices low to ensure international startups can attend, and have low-cost tickets for students and young people, to get them involved with the conversation. We’re here to combine & create the future… while tasting it!

The Alternative Protein Show, taking place all over the world, is meant to facilitate conversations, and take the boringness away from conferences. We want you to leave energized.


The Roundtables.

This is the secret sauce. The reason why our SF event was so successful.

If you’ve read about what makes KET different, you’ll be aware of our philosophy of sharing stories, and inspiring others. We follow a 80/20 content format with no panels. We get industry leaders from all over the world, and bring them to you.

This creates a youthful experience. We don’t want to drain you. We do however, want to feed you. And we want you to leave, inspired to feed the world sustainably.

Our roundtables have different themes, each surrounding a new idea or initiative. We have specialists lead each of the discussion, but everyone participates. What ends up happening is a bunch of enthusiastic people, who might not have ever crossed paths, start brainstorming ideas on how to make the world a better place. You develop strong connects, but most of all you come up with an execution.

People don’t exit our conferences with big talk. They enter the world with big walk (action). So if you’re excited about change, and want to be paired with some of the brightest people in the food, circular economy & sustainability industry, you must come by.  

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