The Future of Cheese at KET Amsterdam

I just caught up with Brad Vanstone, the Founder of Plant Based Cheese. Brad will be speaking at the summit and leading a workshop where participants can make delicious plant-based fondue with him!

Also, remember how KET events are so great at leading to new ideas and collaborations? Well, Brad is ahead of the curve. Plant Based Cheese is going to be sourcing spirulina for its blue cheese from Back of the Yards Algae Sciences (BYAS), which will be supplying our algae cocktails! The two met through pre-summit communications. We can’t wait to see what other innovations develop!

Check out my recap below to learn more about the Plant Based Cheese story. Trust me, this isn’t any plant-based cheese company. Plant Based Cheese is working on some amazing projects that you will hear from Brad himself! 

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After transitioning to a plant-based diet, Brad did not have much trouble finding alternatives to products like meat and milk. To his surprise, Brad could not find plant-based cheese that held up to the dairy cheese he loved. 

So, Brad started making plant-based cheese as a hobby. After rave reviews from friends, he realized this fun side project had the potential for something much greater. 

Thus, Plant Based Cheese was born. The products have been so popular that Plant Based Cheese is launching in grocery stores this year, and Brad has already received requests from all over the world.

Here are some super exciting things I learned: 

  • Ethical and sustainable supply chains are Plant Based Cheese’s priority. The team is working with a network of farmers that use regenerative practices. 

  • Action requires awareness. Plant Based Cheese wants to educate people that not all plant-based diets are created equally! Plant Based Cheese is working to shine a light on the importance of sourcing products like nuts sustainably.

  • Plant Based Cheese wants to do what Oatly did with alternative dairy! Which means better products and better branding. 

  • Plant Based Cheese is teaming up with dairy farmers to make the transition to a plant-based food system inclusive and accessible. You’ll get the full story at the summit

  • Plant Based Cheese is not just creating a product nor a brand; they are creating a movement.

At the end of our conversation, Brad shared that the philosophy driving the Plant Based Cheese is “not to do less harm, but more good.”

After talking with Brad, I know I’ll be at the fondue workshop. I hope to see you there!

Olivia Fox