The Alternative Protein Show Unites Farmers, investors, Inventors & Scientists to make the Future of Food

The Alternative Protein Summit by KET is a great big networking event where all the entities on the New Protein Landscape are invited so they can all meet each other. There will be talks, sessions and hands on workshops on plant-based and cell-based protein. We want to completely disrupt the chaotic food system. That’s why we’re bringing together innovators and enthusiasts from all over the world, to take part in (a very yummy) 3-day event. You’ll meet the world’s foodtech pioneers while exploring the culture of the city in hand, and did we mention taste the future of food?

Next event will be in Amsterdam, August 26-28, at the NEMO science museum.


What you missed in SF

The alternative protein show in San Francisco was a hit! So many awesome exhibitors, speakers & workshops.

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Amsterdam’s coming up

Nested in the heart of the biking capital, the upcoming KET event will bring together people, stories & food.

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Why Attend?

Our Alternative Protein Shows leave you with a bias to action, and hunger for change. We’ll expose you to foodtech topics, industry professionals and get your creative juices flowing. KET events are designed to mimic the way our brains come up with innovative ideas. After 2 days of exciting talks, private breakaway sessions and exhibits, we’ll have a roundtable session.

These sessions are designed to create actionable items. Out of our SF Alternative Protein Show, back in January, one of our actions was to create the world’s first Single Cell Protein Incubator. SCP is changing the way we do everything. Oh, and if you’re not familiar with the mind-boggling power of SCP, we’ve got speakers like Lisa Dyson to expose you ;).

We’ll talk about innovations in & outside of the box, to make quick disruptive change to our broken food industry.

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