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Pete Rowe

CEO & Co-Founder Deep Branch Bio-Technology

Track: CO2-to-protein: Closing the loop between energy transition and sustainable food production

Molecular biologist turned entrepreneur, Pete is an expert in innovation management, biotechnology and a certified AgTech consultant. As CEO, he leads the team’s effort in transforming the polluters of today into the producers of tomorrow.

Previously, Pete has held technical and commercial roles in biotechs and academia, running projects spanning from developing CRISPR-based genome editing tools to developing circular economy solutions for the poultry sector.

As CEO of Deep Branch Biotechnology, Pete is driving the commercialization of their game changing CO2-to-protein technology. With a background in innovation management, he has a proven track record of translating lab-based research into real-world impact. Pete holds a PhD in molecular microbiology and has experience developing a broad range of future-positive technologies, including; CRISPR-based genome editing tools, platforms for sustainable aviation fuel production, novel allergy treatment systems and technology for improved animal welfare in the poultry industry.