In order to do the tour, you need to be a KET participant. You can get your tickets here.

Explore the vegan and plant based food trends of Amsterdam with a food inspiration tour. During this tour you will be taken into the main food service and food retailers of the vegan and plant based scene in Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam is one of the best vegan cities in Europe and has various options to offer. We will visit some of the most important players in this scene to check out what the current focus of vegan and plant based foods in Amsterdam is about. 

Visitors of the alternative protein & dairy show can directly see how ideas turn into real products. The tour will be hosted in the afternoon of the 28th of August. After the morning program, the food tour attendees will gather at Nemo where everyone will receive a bike for the tour. By making use of bikes, the tour will not only show you the vegan and plantbased sights, but also some parts of Amsterdam. 

The tour will be hosted by Floor Buitelaar. Floor has her own consultancy firm (Floreer Consultancy) which focuses on vegan and plant based food consultancy. She advises companies regarding the opportunities in the vegan and plant based market. For more information, check out her website: (Dutch).

Program of the tour (28th of August)

13.00 – 13.30 Gathering at Nemo

13.30 -Start of the food tour

16.00 -End of the tour

Costs of the tour is €60,50 including taxes - per person

A maximum of 15 people can join the tour. First come first serve.