Getting our hands dirty.

What better way to bond other than making food?

Our workshops are lead by Industry Professionals, and are exclusive to our event attendees.

All workshops happening at aps amsterdam.

1) Plant-based Cheese, with the founder of plant-based cheese, Brad Vanstone.

Growing up in the UK on a dairy farm, Brad was inspired to become vegan & explore alternative dairy. He’ll teach us about how we can make alt-dairy too.

2) Making (yummy) Tempe

Doesn’t the name say it all? Building relationships & tempe (the classic Indonesian soy product) … a dynamic duo. Our goal is to show you how cutting edge fermentation & fungus can be in creating a scrumptious snack.

3) Making Veganism cool w/ Loui Blake

Let’s nerd about veganism, collaborate and ideate. Cool?

4) GenX vs Millennials vs GenZ

Shifting consumer preferences, values and beliefs in food and beyond. A great workshop for companies, ventures, and anyone passionate about the food-tech business.

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